Plant Snorkel


How to Use the Plant Snorkel.

Installing a Plant Snorkel takes less than a minute, which means that you'll be watering without worry in no time! All it takes is four simple steps:

Step 1. Assemble - Insert the snorkel into the base. Add the extender if necessary for the pot depth.

Step 2. Place in Pot - Place the Plant Snorkel in the pot.

Step 3. Add Soil + Plant - Add soil and a plant to the pot.

Step 4. Water - Make sure the top of the Plant Snorkel is above the soil, then water without worry!


Bottom Watering with a Plant Snorkel.

Did you know that the Plant Snorkel can also be used for bottom watering? Simply pour water directly down the tube to avoid wetting the top of your soil!

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